Dino Zoff has offered to resign as coach of Fiorentin, just weeks after assuming control at the club.

Zoff only took charge last month, but without a victory to date, he has offered to stand down.

Fiorentina lost 3-0 to Sampdoria on Saturday and Zoff is concerned that his previous spats with officials is haviung a detroimental effect on his new club.

“Right now I have some unsettling thoughts about our treatment,” he said.

“Perhaps on a purely political plane my presence here has not helped matters.

“In two out of my three Serie A games with this side I have witnessed disastrous refereeing performances.

“We also have to shoulder some of the blame for our current situation, but I think my presence is complicating it further. We’ll see what we can do about that.”

Fiorentina were reduced to nine-men within the opening ten minutes against Sampdoria, including the loss of new signing, Valeri Bojinov.

“I did nothing wrong,” insisted Bojinov.

“I just rested my elbow on [Sergio] Volpi’s chest after he had pushed me in the back.

“The referees should admit when they make a mistake. In any case, I apologise to my team-mates and hope my ban is no longer than one match.”