Brian GlanvilleSofia was a stroll. Wembley and Wales an embarrassment. What would have happened if only Craig Bellamy had played?

And if Robert Earnshaw, whom I still remember for his superb debut and winning goal against Germany in Cardiff, hadn’t missed form five yards?

In the lamented absence of Jack Wilshere, England have no playmaker. Rooney must either be supported up front or allowed to play “in the hole”.

But it was good to see Aaron Ramsey, blessedly and at last fully recovered from that horrific foul at Stoke by Ryan Shawcross, as bright, and effective as he was in at Wembley for Cardiff in that final against Portsmouth.

England will no doubt muddle through to the European finals. And then what?

How fortunate for them that Gary Speed obstinately kept his potential trump card, Gareth Bale, on the right, when he should have been running at a potentially vulnerable Chris Smalling. Ah, managers!

  • Engelmae

    I take your point. I agree that I am being harsh on Gerrard who is, as you say, an ellxceent player. This is largely a result of frustration on my part that while he puts in great performances for his club, he has failed to do so for England, at least on a consistent basis.I agree with you to an extent that this due to him being played in a different position to that which he is used to, and which he prefers. However, I think this raises the point of what constitutes being played out of position’?For example, is there such a difference between playing central midfield and playing to one side of a central three, or on one side of a diamond?If a player is as good as some of Gerrard’s advocates would have us believe, should he not be able to adapt to a different role and thrive there? Or is his favoured position one of such specialism that to play him in another role is to turn an ellxceent player into an ordinary one? If there is someone else who the manager thinks is better at linking the midfield to the attack, then I believe it is up to Gerrard to do his best in the position allocated to him.Though I may well be guilty of being overly harsh, I can’t help but feel that he is so used to getting everything he wants at Anfield, that he doesn’t give everything for England when he doesn’t get his own way. Either that, or he simply isn’t as good as many people make out.In any case, I would be interested in hearing people’s views on players playing out of position’. This might be of more interest than trying to second guess Gerrard’s motivation etc!

  • paul

    I think Rooney has been given a lot of freedom under the new formation by Capello which seen him dropping deep into midfield with Milner or Lamprd taking up the false 10 and 9 roles as they’re starting to become know. I agree that England lack depth in genuine play makers but I feel when Wilshere and Gerrard are back the new system of play and the movement showed by England will only get better. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on my quick article on the matter



  • Richie

    When will everyone face the facts?England are just not that good!Alexi Lalas was 100% correct in what he said during the World Cup.Funny how Capello is taking the blame(although predictable because it’s ALWAYS the manager’s fault there)when in reality,the majority of their players are simply nothing special!

  • Gallo

    I don’t think England will qualify. What then? Capello has not taken them forward at all.