FIFA president Sepp Blatter reveals that he is looking forward to seeing Luis Suarez playing again. However, the suggestion that Suarez has now with "one of the greatest clubs in the world" will not go down well with Liverpool fans.

Quote of the Day

“As a footballer I feel with him that such a punishment… it hurts, it hurts.”

“But as FIFA president I have to accept the decisions that are taken by our independent committees.

“I do hope that this player will come back to football because on the pitch what he has shown so far… I have seen his capacity technically and tactically to do what he can do – his smelling of the goal.

“I do hope he will be back, he is now in one of the greatest clubs in the world.” 

Supporters of the Anfield club will no doubt be keen to remind Blatter of Liverpool’s 5 European Cup wins – that’s one more than Suarez’s new club Barcelona.

Blatter was speaking after Barcelona were denied permission to publicly unveil Suarez to mark his move to Camp Nou.

The Uruguayan is serving a four-month ban from, which covers all football-related activities.

FIFA’s head of media Delia Fischer said: “The ban relates to all football-related activity. He cannot be in a football-related public event irrespective of the venue.

“He cannot even be involved in a football-related charity event.”

Suarez’s lawyer, Alejandro Balbi, claimed last week claimed the punishment was “blatantly draconian, totalitarian and fascist”.

He has been strangely quiet about his client’s proclivity to bite opponents. That’s the third such attack in less than three years. Draconian it may seem, but Suarez left FIFA with little choice.


  • Esosa Edosomwan

    Blatter’s gaffes are many. This is just one of them. He’s just not good enough to be FIFA President.

  • sarah413

    As a football fan I, too, will miss seeing Suarez play. As a long time Liverpool supporter, I’m sad to see a player of his ability go, but not sad because of his continued nonsense. Liverpool stood by him repeatedly and Suarez, not FIFA, let Liverpool, and their legion of fans down. As for Suarez’s lawyer, he’s just doing what many do, try to shift the blame away from the client and apply said blame to the various authorities. Now, it’s wait and see what, if anything, UEFA does concerning the FFP rule. Nothing, that’s what they’ll do. Nothing.