Nick Bidwell profiles some of the most likely movers in the winter window.

Andre Silva Porto

Andre Silva


In the 21-year-old, the Portuguese game has a homegrown striker who has such a potential that in his first full season he is subject to a €60million release clause.

Faced with strong interest from Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Juventus, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Porto president Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa hopes to stonewall for at least another 18 months, although he might well have to do business much sooner.

Last term the club made a record Portuguese loss of €58.4m and it’s thought Silva, along with midfielders Danilo and Hector Herrera, will be sacrificed if the price is right.

He is currently leading the line for European champions Portugal and already has four goals to his name in World Cup 2018 qualifiers.

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