The former Bayern Munich midfielder Stefan Effenberg has warned the club that it would be dangerous to allow coach Pep Guardiola to have too much power.

As Bayern prepare for Tuesday night’s Champions League quarter-final second leg against Porto the pressure on Guardiolais growing. The club trail 3-1 from the first leg and the Spaniard has also been criticised after the resignation of Bayern’s club doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt and his medical staff. The longstanding medical team left after a row with Guardiola – prompting speculation about his future at the club.

Effenberg, a former German international. who works as a TV pundit in Germany, believes that the former Barcelona coach must not be allowed to dominate the club.

“Now you have to watch out so that Guardiola doesn’t get too much power and also decides who is going to make up the new medical staff. That could be dangerous for the future of Bayern,” Effenberg told Bild.

Müller-Wohlfahrt claimed that his medical department had been made scapegoats for the defeat against Porto, adding that “the relationship of trust has been permanently damaged”. Guardiola has since denied that was the case but Effenberg believes the doctor’s departure “could have a negative effect on the upcoming games in the next days and weeks.”

“It must have been pretty serious things in order for Müller-Wohlfahrt to stop working [for Bayern]. Someone like him doesn’t give up easily,” he said.

Guardiola attempted to brush aside suggestions that he will not see out his three-year contract which expires next season.

“My future is: Wednesday free, Thursday training and, of course, next year to be here. That’s my future,” he said when asked about his plans.

“The last few months have been the most challenging of my managerial career – I have learned a lot about the passion of football.

“March and April are the deciding months of the season and it’s the same for Porto, Juventus and every team. After the last few months of work, I can promise you we will give it a go against Porto. I am completely convinced they will take their chances and, for me as the manager, that is enough.”