Cesena President Giorgio Lugaresi says his club will not be part of any effort to save stricken Parma.

There are concerns that Serie A’s basement club will fold before the end of the season unless additional funding is made available. One possible suggestion is for the other Serie A clubs to club together to help them out of their present financial difficulties.

However, the Cesena chief has confirmed that his club will not be part of any such plan.

“We’re in favour of Parma completing the season,” Lugaresi told Tuttomercatoweb.

“We don’t mind that, [but] I’m against attempts to bail them out. They must face up to their own responsibilities, not just to their players, but to other creditors.

“The club should be saved the way we saved Cesena in Serie B: by coming to terms with their debt.

“In 2012 we took over Cesena with twice the debts, we paid those debts, without shortcuts. Everyone got what they were owed.

“People need to think about the other companies that would be affected by Parma going bankrupt. I don’t agree with separating the rest [of the debts] from the sporting side.

“All of the creditors should be safeguarded, not just the sporting ones. The whole system must be protected.”