Cameroonian football official Issa Hayatou has released a statement confirming that he is the acting president of Fifa, following the suspension of Sepp Blatter.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) president has been temporarily in charge of world football since Sepp Blatter was suspended for 90 days on Thursday as a result of being placed under criminal investigation by Swiss authorities.

“I will serve only on an interim basis,” he said.

“A new president will be chosen by the Extraordinary Congress on 26 February 2016. I myself will not be a candidate for that position.”

“Fifa remains committed to the reform process, which is critical to reclaiming public trust. We will also continue to co-operate fully with authorities and follow the internal investigation wherever it leads,” he added.

“Football has never enjoyed greater support throughout the world, and that is something everyone associated with Fifa should be proud of.”

The 69-year-old Hayatou has a kidney condition that requires regular dialysis sessions, but  CAF said that this would not interfere with his additional duties.

CAF said in a statement: “It has never been a secret that in recent years, kidney-related problems has seen him undergone regular dialysis sessions, and the programming has always been done in harmony, with the agenda and multiple professional obligations honored smoothly.”