Jens Jeremies is set to replace suspended midfielder Michael Ballack for Sunday’s World Cup final.

Ballack was given a one-match ban after collecting his second yellow card during Tuesday’s semi-final against South Korea. Jeremmies has appeared in alll Germany’s matches to date though usually his appearances have been a a substitute.

“Jeremies is an excellent alternative. He’s got great international experience,” said assistant coach Michael Skibbe.

Skibbe added: “We haven’t decided what we will do yet and, even if we had, we wouldn’t say for obvious reasons. But Jeremies has power inside him and he is always running. If he does come in, he would be a very good option for the Brazil game.”

“The most important thing is that we don’t get caught out onthe counter-attack. That is Brazil’s forte and strong point. They have incredibly fast players,” he said.

“That was visible in the match with England, who lost the ball in midfield because the Brazilians were swarming around like bees. They play a very fast flowing, attacking game and they score most of their goals on the counter-attack.

“Brazil have class individual players. But I’m optimistic. I’m always this way and I was born this way.

“We know Brazil will take it to the limit, but we’ve come so far. As a team we have always worked hard and a final is such an incredible challenge and experience.”