The Albania captain Lorik Cana believes it was “a miracle” no one was seriously injured in the violent scenes which caused the Euro 2016 qualifier against Serbia in Belgrade to be abandoned on Tuesday.

UEFA has charged the Serbian and Albanian Football Associations for the on-the-pitch brawl which was sparked by a drone carrying a Greater Albania flag across the pitch.

Albania’s players were forced to flee to the dressing rooms after some fans evaded security and made it on to the pitch and made it on to the pitch.

Speaking to L’Equipe, Cana – who was seen throwing a punch at a supporter on the pitch – believes he and his team-mates were lucky to get away relatively unscathed.

“It’s a miracle that we only had six or seven injured with blows to the face, neck and back,” he said.

“If you saw some of the bodies… they really caught it. What would have happened if instead of a chair, it had been a knife? Our lives were in danger.”

The Lazio midfielder also accused stewards of attacking the players once they had reached the safety of the tunnel.

Serbia have been charged by UEFA with setting off fireworks, crowd disturbance, a pitch invasion, “insufficient organisation” and the use of a laser pen.

Albania have been charged with refusing to play and “the display of an illicit banner”.

Meanwhile, Olsi Rama, the brother of the Albania’s Prime Minister, who was accused of operating the drone, has denied being the person behind the stunt. 

Serbian media claimed Rama had been arrested in the VIP stands of the Belgrade stadium with the remote control in his hands.

Olsi returned to Albania on the team’s plane and admitted he had been “taken aside” by Serbian police, but not arrested.

“I’ve never used a drone in my life, only bought my son a toy helicopter,” he said.

Meanwhile, a little known group of Macedonian Albanians has now claimed responsibility for the incident.

Known as the Smugglers, their motto is ‘We Don’t Talk; We Do’. They claim the drone was launched from outside the stadium, while someone inside directed it on a smartphone.