The transfer of Lazio defender Alessandro Nesta to Internazionale is once again in doubt after the two club presidents admitted that there were several obstacles to be cleared before an agreement could be reached.

“The two sides have met but we have both maintained our positions,” said Lazio chief Sergio Cragnotti.

“Nesta is a great champion and those who want him must pay a suitable price. If by the end of the week I don’t have clear answers to my demands, we will take our captain off the market.”

Meanwhile, Inter chief Massimo Moratti said: “We are still far away because in today’s Italian soccer it is difficult to buy and sell as you would like.

“We are working in order to close the economical and technical differences but I’m still perplexed over the deal that needs to be well thought out.

“If we have to weaken certain areas of our team to get Nesta, then there are questions as to whether the signing is worth it.”

One area of dispute is the identity of the player who will be involved in the part-exchange. Inter have offered striker Nicola Vnnetola or midfielder Emre Belozoglu but Lazio have stated that Crisiano Zanetti is the player they want.

Further tension came over the weekend when it was alleged that Inter and Juventus (another Serie A side interested in signing Nesta) had agreed to cap their offer for Nesta at £25million. Lazio had previously valued their skipper at £35milllion.