UEFA have responded to widespread criticism of the standard of refereeing at the World Cup finals by suggesting that the game should begin experimenting with two referees.

Gerard Aigner, chief executive of UEFA, suggested that initial trials should be conducted at amateur and youth level. Aigner believes that two referees would ensure that an official would have closer access to play, ensuring better decisions.

“It must be an advantage for the simple fact that the referee would be less tired. He can be closer to theactions and has a better chance of judging a situation such as offside” said Aigner.

Aigner dimissed calls for the introduction of video replays or cameras, saying that it would disrupt the game.

“Before we start to talk about cameras or stopping the game, we should first exploit humarn resources” he said.

‘ We have never had a serious test with two referees. This test should be made” he added.

Aigner also stated that only the best referees should be chosen for major tournaments, even if it meant that there was more than one official from the same country.

“If we have two or three excellent referees in one country we should choose all of them to officiate in the same competition” he said.