Parma’s fellow Serie A clubs have agreed to give the club a €5 million emergency fund to help the club fulfil its obligations the season.

Sixteen of the 20 clubs in Serie A voted in favour of the measure; Roma, Napoli and Sassuolo abstained while Cesena voted against the move.

Cesena President Giorgio Lugaresi said last month his club would not be part of any effort to save ailing Parma.

The resuce package means bottom-of-the-table Parma should be able to play Atalanta on Sunday, after their previous two matches – at home with Udinese and at Genoa – were postponed indefinitely because the club couldn’t pay for basic services such as security and electricity.

Antonio Cassano

Moreover, the players have not been paid in months, with several, including former Italy forward, Antonio Cassano, becoming free agents.

The club’s debts are estimated at nearly €100 million.

Italian football federation president Carlo Tavecchio will now travel to Parma to formally present the plan to the squad’s players.

Earlier, police confiscated records related to Parma from club headquarters and the league and federation offices.

Also, former Parma president Tommaso Ghirardi and former general director Pietro Leonardi were placed under investigation by judicial authorities for suspected financial fraud.

Last month, Giampietro Manenti took over as Parma’s new owner and president from the Russian-Cypriot conglomerate which had taken control in December from Ghirardi. Agreeing to pay off the club’s debts, Manenti paid a symbolic price of €1 for the club.