World Cup Round Of 16: Who Is Playing Who Right Now?

It may be early with the second round of the group stages just starting, but to help you work out the next round matches, we have put together a piece to tell you who could be playing who as it stands right now. Obviously, the positions and seedings of these teams could change and we will update regularly to keep them up to date.

Round of 16

1 June 30th  C1 France 4 vs D2 Argentina 3

2 June 30th A1 Uruguay 2 vs B2 Portugal 1

3 July 1st B1 Spain 1 vs A2 Russia 1 

4 July 1st D1 Croatia 1 vs C2 Denmark 1

5 July 2nd E1 Brazil 2 vs F2 Mexico 0

6 July 2nd G1 Belgium 3 vs H2 Japan 2

7 July 3rd F1 Sweden vs E2 Switzerland – Saint Petersburg (15.00)

8 July 3rd H1 Colombia vs G2 England – Moscow Spartak (19.00)

England came second in the group so will avoid Brazil in the quarter-finals if they get there (Getty Images)

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Quarter Finals

Here we have gone one step further to look at who could possibly be playing each other in the quarter-finals.

QF1 July 6th Winner of Number 1 (France) vs Winner of Number 2 (Uruguay) – Nizhny Novgorod (15.00)

QF2 July 6th Winner of Number 5 (Brazil) vs Winner of Number 6 (Belgium) – Kazan (19.00)

QF3 July 7th Winner of Number 7 (Switzerland) vs Winner of Number 8 (England) – Samara (15.00)

QF4 July 7th Winner of Number 3 (Russia) vs Winner of Number 4 (Croatia) – Sochi (19.00)

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