Take a look at all the friendlies taking place as warm-up matches for the 2018 World Cup

World Cup Friendlies – Russia 2018

We have put together a list of all the friendlies taking place in 2018, all of which are being used as warm-up matches for the World Cup later this year.

Most of the teams participating in the tournament are playing a few warm-up games to make sure they are sharp in Russia. This list will only include friendlies for countries participating in the tournament, so teams like Italy and Netherlands will not be included unless they are playing a qualified team.

England will warm up against the Netherlands (23rd March), Italy (27th March), Nigeria (2nd June), and Costa Rica (7th June).

World Cup Friendlies

14th January

27th January

30th January

1st February

3rd February

26th February

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28th February

17th March

  • Iran 4 vs Sierra Leone 0

22nd March

23rd March

Italy: Messi and Argentina will play against Italy in March (Getty Images)

24th March

26th March

27th March

28th March

18th April

  • Trinidad and Tobago 0 vs Panama 1

18th May

  • Iran vs Uzbekistan (15.00) 

26th May

  • Kuwait vs Egypt (15.00) 

28th May

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29th May

  • Panama vs Northern Ireland (20.45) 
  • Peru vs Scotland (21.00) 

30th May

  • Austria vs Russia (19.45) 

31st May

1st June

Belgium: Ronaldo and Portugal will warm up against Belgium in June (Getty Images)

2nd June

3rd June

 5th June

6th June

7th June

8th June

9th June

11th June

12th June

  • Poland vs Lithuania (17.00) 
  • Paraguay vs Japan (23.00)

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